Den of Desire

"We have oodles and oodles of noodles"

The Den of Desire is a Hingan-inspired Host club.

At the Den of Desire, you the patron are our sole focus;
whatever your needs, we strive to fullfil them.

On our event nights, queue on up and get yourself a host for an hour, drinks and food complimentary to your service!
You can:
Share a host with some friends Get your own host Enter the Host Roulette, where strangers may join your party!
When you arrive, you will be asked what you prefer.
You may pick between the available hosts.

Should we have no available hosts, you will be placed in the bar until one frees up- don't worry, we have it on good authority that the bartender is entertaining!

Not feeling like socializing much?
Selecting a host is not a requirement!
Take a seat at our bar if so.

ERP is not offered at this event.*

Lavender Beds, Ward 18, Plot 35.

In the Den of Desire,
you will not only find our famous bar but also a range of additional facilities - most of them are open to use by the general public.
Check them out below.

When you roleplay on the Den & Desires premises you are expected follow the common rules of roleplay, and remain tactful, despite our allowance of mature themes.
Any ERP is to be taken to /party, including when you're in a private room.
Failure to adhere to this may result in you being banned from the premise.
Den of desire does NOT facilitate ERP hookups.

Please have a look at our hosts.

When you are invited inside, hosts are distributed first-come first serve. You may do well to have a top 3, as your most desired host may be busy, or may not be available on the specific night.

If all hosts are busy, we invite you to our bar, where you will be entertained until a host frees up.


Bartender - 25 years old

Walking piece of eyecandy, deadly with a cocktail shaker

Available Services:
Personalized cocktailsMassages (Not on serving nights)

Andromeda Acerbi

Owner + Waitress - 24 years old

Extrovertive, smarth mouthed waitress.

Available Services:
Supply DancingBackup HostBook KeepingBusiness Ventures

Kaza'ra Bgukrufe

Host - 25 years old

Playful and spirited bard eager to entertain.

Available Services:
DancingStorytellingSingingViolinMercenary WorkCompanionship


Tashi Kararishi

Manager - 35 years old

As the founder of the Den of Desire, you will find no other prouder about her job than she,

Available Services:
Massages (not on serving nights)Host & Client AssignmentBackup HostBlacksmith

Koharu Ochiba

Host - 26 years old

An elegant, exotic and artistic Au Ra who enjoys conversation, culture and company.

Available Services:
Tea CeremoniesGamesPuppet TheaterAstrology Healing, Mending.

Vila Tadmhe

Host - 26 years old

Vila is a Keeper of the Moon miqo’te and Shroud native. By day she’s a hunter of monsters and pesky beasts. By night she enjoys brawling, drinking, and partying hard. One can typically find her at a bar or at a fight club if she’s not at home relaxing.

Available Services:
CompanionshipSparringMonster Slaying (not during event hours)

M'Marrie Cofire

Host - 19 years old

Marrie is a Mixed Keeper of the moon, with some seeker of the sun from her father She constantly seeks out knowledge of all sorts. Yet her strongest aspects are in Aetheric Magic, Alchemy and Cooking. She is always eager to learn new things as well as teach what she knows to interested people.

Available Services:
TeachingAether TricksAlchemy

Rixe Zinrhe'a

Host - 24 years old

A mixed Keeper/Seeker Miqo'te and captain of the Storms who spends her off time working at the Den of Desires.

Available Services:

Heisi Colfire

Host - 25 years old

A keeper who is a semi retired bounty hunter. She now spends her time getting better at her skills as warrior. Now starting to work for the Den of Desires trying something new for myself.

Available Services:
Bounty HuntingDancingCompanionship

Heisi Colfire

Host - 30 years old

A half keeper/half seeker, she grew up in the forests of Gridania. a spellcaster from birth and a Monk by trade, she searched for her lost love V'ncent Tia(Pumpkinhead Tyson) and found him. Wanting to start a life with her friend and lover, she is a flirty little thing once you get to know her but also can be very outgoing. Is only introverted when she is alone or with V'incent.

Available Services:

Tarja Arwen

Host & Bouncer - 27 years old

A soft spoken tall Roe woman, rather not talk about her work. Loves the company of others and to make others feel welcome. Trying her hand at being a performer for the Den of Desires in her free time.

Available Services:

The Bath House

The bath house is a respite from all of the hassle be it a busy bar downstairs, or clutter in your mind. Take a moment to relax and unwind.

[#1] - Host: Andromeda - [Public]

Services available in this room:
Cocktail Delivery
Spa kit w/ essentials
Free towels

The Library Suite

The Library Suite is a spacious room open for accomodation for up to two people. It features a soft twin-size bed, comfy seats, a fireplace and of course more books than you could dream of reading.

[#4] - Host: Doyi - [Rentable]

Services available in this room:
Breakfast in Bed

Per Night: 1000 gil

The Spa Suite

The Spa Suite features a wooden tub with perfectly warm water 24/7, along with a luxury bed and other amenities all set in a comfortable eastern-inspired style.

[#6] - Host: Gunni- [Rentable]

Services available in this room:
Breakfast in Bed
Spa kit

Per Night: 1500 gil

Thal's Den

Private dwelling and massage/entertainment space for the resident Bartender.

[#3] - Host: Thala'to - [Invitation Only]


One bowl: 300 gil, +drink = 350 gil

Select your type of noodles:

Rice Noodle

Choose between our toppings:


Red Pepper
Green Onion

Sweet & Sour
Red/Green Curry

The kitchen also accepts special requests within reason.


Click the names!


Looking for something more? Try our alchemically enhanced tonic variations..
At your own risk. Click the names!


Brewed by our very own Kuroi Sakura. Served either hot or cold.
Varieties include:

Nama Standard - Brisk, Tart with notes of ripe berries. Strong.
Taru Junmai Cherry - with hints of cocoa, honey and blossom
Nigori Rolanberry - Cloudy with hints of cream and white grape.

Four hundred gil per bottle, fifty per glass.

Standard drinks - prices vary:

Beer, Wine, Ale, Shandy, Cider, Rum, Wines, Gin, Vodka, Brandy

Herbal tea, Fruit juices, Lemonade, Cola, Chilled water

Fancy something new? Ask Thala'to to mix for you. Virgin cocktails too!

Sour Tit

Bourbon with lemon juice, liqueur & simple syrup

A refreshing, sour drink served in a lowball glass with a slice of lemon and frozen cherries

50 gil

Red Hot Miqo'te

Blood orange juice, agave, jalapeno & whiskey

A subtly fruity drink that comes with a kick, served in a textured lowball glass rimmed with salt, garnished with a slice of blood orange

50 gil

Dark Paradise

Raspberry vodka with mango rum, pineapple & cranberry juice

Named after one of the Den's regulars, the Dark Paradise gives the perfect balance between sweet & sour. Served with frozen cranberries.

100 gil

Rixe's Sunset

Vodka, plum liqueur, apple juice with a dash of red berries

A simple, beautiful drink with an easygoing sweet and fruity flavour. Served in a lowball glass with a skewer of cherries for garnish.

150 gil

Issy's Embrace

Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, coffee and creme de cacao liqueur, vodka.

Named after Isteria, the beloved co-owner of the Den. Known for her sweet cravings, this drink is served in a chocolate-sprinkle rimmed hurricane glass lathered with chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream.

250 gil

Romie's Breath

Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lemonade, Rum, pinch of cinnamon

Named after the Den's owner, Andromeda, this drink is on fire just like she. Please blow it out before consumption.

150 gil

M'aiku's Dancer's Fuel

Spiced rum, Double Choc Stout, Chocolate Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream

Inspired by the classic S'mores, this drink is topped with mashmallow fluff, whipped cream, a slice of chocolate espresso layer cake, accompanied by a skewer of toasted mashmallows & a stick of chocolate

You're going to need to work out after this one!
May we suggest dancing all night?

350 gil

Rolanberry Headed Slut

Peach Schnapps, Herbal Appertif, Cranberry Juice

This shot is the perfect way to get drunk. Got something you want to forget? Ask for a number of these.

3 shots for 200 gil

Aeric's Persuasion

Pineapple Vodka, Frozen Rolanberry Rum, Triple Sec

A drink that gets better with time. Pineapple vodka is mixed with Triple Sec, and then an orb of frozen Rolanberry Rum is added which slowly melt and give a powerful kick of extra flavour. Garnished with frozen strawberries and blackberries.

Mercy's Kick

Vodka, Kahlua, Thanalan Spice Creamer

Served in a low ball glass rimmed with a mixture of a secret Thanalan spice blend, graham crackers & sparkling sugar with a layer of whipped cream as garnish.

A tasty drink for the person who likes to feel the heat in a chilled drink.

Blue Jingle Balls

Vodka, Prosecco, Blue Curaçao, Lemonade.

When the winter blues come, we'll be sure to make you forget all about it.
Let this enticing blue creation make you think of better days.

Oh Deer

Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Ginger Beer,

You may have heard of the Ishgardian Mule; this one comes with a peppermint twist.

Garnished with a candy cane,

Ho ho Hoooo... Juice.

Whipped Vodka, Sparkling Rosé, Cherry Infused Effervescent Water

If you drink too much of this, you may be filled with so much festive cheer that you oh-ho-ho-hooo all night.

Naughty Chocolate

Spiced Rum, Butterscotch Schnapps, Hot Chocolate

Feeling cold?
We'll have you feeling warm in no time.

Garnished with a candy-cane stick.


100 gil per portion


A serving of skewered chicken in your choice of style:
Plain with salt, Yakitori sauce or Spicy Sauce.


A small set of fried rolls, with a bean sprout, cabbage, carrot and onion filling.


100 gil per portion

Mochi Icecream

Small rounded confections made of pounded rice coating, wrapped around an ice cream filling.

Rolanberry, Vanilla, Green Tea, Chocolate, Red Bean


A fish shaped cake with a sweet filling of your choice.
Every option is swimming in flavour.

Red Bean, Chocolate, Custard

Passionate Power

Aphrodisiac drug with a fresh taste of cherry

Increases sexual attraction and desire for several bells.
Effective within just five to ten minutes.

Please seek medical attention if the effect lasts for more than 12 bells.

500 gil for 2 drops in a ready-mixed drink
5-dose Vial available for 2000 gil

Quick Indigo

Psychedelic drug that unlocks the true potential of your senses.

Incurs sense of Euphoria for short durations
Effective immediately

Please seek medical attention if the effect lasts for more than 3 bells.

500 gil for 2 drops in a ready-mixed drink
5-dose Vial available for 2000 gil

Shiva's Tear

Hallucinogenic drug with a bitter taste.

Will gradually ease you into a tranquil calm, soothing both mind and body.

Please seek medical attention if the effect lasts for more than 24 bells.
Might result in a coma if combined with sleep medication.

500 gil for 2 drops in a ready-mixed drink
5-dose Vial available for 2000 gil

Zip Zap

Stimulant drug that fills you with extra energy for the rest of the night.

Put on your dancing shoes!

Please seek medical attention if the effect lasts for more than 6 bells.
Carries risk of sudden heartattacks

500 gil for 2 drops in a ready-mixed drink
5-dose Vial available for 2000 gil

About us

The Den of Desire was founded by two friends, who wanted to create a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere to indulge in the sins and pleasures of the world.

Our Free Company's recruitment status is currently: Open
We are an 18+ Company located on Balmung, our RP intensity is classified as Medium.

The FC consists primarily of alts that are active/online surrounding our events. This is not a good fit if you are expecting a traditionally active FC.

If you are interested, please contact Andromeda Acerbi.